In today's highly competitive environment, we need to gain any advantage we can to overcome our competition and manage our business to success.

That advantage can come from superior products, expert industry knowledge, dedicated customer services or efficient business operations. Here one needs to make sure that the operations are running flawless and with full efficiency to improve performance and spot future problems.

We understand this requirement and have developed services offering System Performance Review, a periodic assessment to determine the operating conditions and current performance of the applications. The System Performance Review performs analysis to ensure peak performance and includes :

Server Analysis

Examination and assessment of the utilization of the hardware configuration including CPU's, memory and hard disk

Environment Analysis

Review how the software environment
is performing including
its architecture,
background processing, start-up parameters
and application configurations.

Database Condition Analysis

how well the database is designed and structured and the implication there of to
the system overall performance.

Application Analysis

Review how the system application is designed and its repercussion to the system overall

Disaster Recovery Analysis

Evaluation of the status and potential
of the disaster recovery
plan, backup strategy
and redundancy.

Most systems will respond to increased  load with some level of decreasing performance. This usually, occurs because of high system loading, causing some part of the system to reach a limit in it’s ability to respond.

To anticipate a real performance problem to happen or to fix any performance bottleneck, we do provide Performance Tuning Services. A handful of techniques are used to improve performance such as :

Performance Analysis

We have been engaged by numbers of enterprise clients to do performance tuning of their mission critical applications that require high volume of processing or transactions and such for the Operating System, Application Server and Database as well.

Code Optimization

A part of the Performance tuning service, we also provide the code optimization. Here we will improve the code efficiency of a particular program or algorithm for performing a certain task that has been viewed as the bottleneck before it becomes a problem.

We provide the stability that the mission critical applications require, while at the same time do not sacrifice the dynamic benefit expected from the technology

Our Support
Team will  maintain the  system - which  is running in the customer's site or even SaaS - in an operable condition and ensure that the daily operations run  smoothly  whilst  providing  technical  advice  when  required.

Online Support Service

To enable the customers to report any problem by using an online facility. It allows them to discuss questions and obtain advice and to resolve any error or problem they may encounter as far as practicable.

Web Support Service

To enable the customer to have access via web to log and request for support at anytime, the secure web support address is The support engineer will as soon as possible and based on the severity of the problem respond back to the customer.

On-site Remedial Service

In the event that the problem or error encountered by the customer could not be corrected or restored by phone or online support, we will immediately respond with an on-site remedial service.

Premium Maintenance

Standby 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
Hotline call support service available at all times (24x7)
Software Patches and Updates
Technical assistance

Standard Maintenance

Standby 9 hours/ day, 5 days/week
Hotline call support service available during standby (9x5)
Software Patches and Updates
Technical assistance

Our Support Team consists of Engineers who have deep expertise in technology, but also understand the support-ability best practices and implications on different environments to ensure a consistent Support. Contact us for more information.

PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia Support Center can be reached through:

Wisma Barito Pacific Tower A, Lantai M,
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 62-63
Jakarta 11410
Phone: +62 21 5366 5115
Fax: +62 21 5366 5995