Case Study 1

The leading domestic bank with assets exceeding USD 85.5 billion supported by close to 2,000 branches and 12,000 ATM machines. Today the Bank has more than 12 million transactions per day which 88% is through the e-banking channel that nears 1 million users.

Solution :

Corporate Cash Management

More than 150,000 corporate customers are handled with total bank transactions amounting to more than USD 100 billion/month since 2008.

Internet Business

The  Internet Banking solution for Business which covers SME's and Corporate Customers. With more than 100,000 commercial users when it launched since 2012, it grows by 30% every month.


Account Information
Payable Management
Receivable Management
Bill Payment
Liquidity Management

Corporate Card
Forex Online
Cheque Management
Supply Chain Management
Information Management

Case Study 2

The largest  domestic transaction bank with number of accounts over 11.5 million and with over 1,000 branches. There are more than 15,000 ATM and 200,000 EDC.

Solution :

Corporate Internet Banking
Retail Internet  Banking
Payment Gateway B2B and B2C

The bank has more than 230,000 corporate customers with 400,000 transaction/day and average amount of transactions over USD 1,5 billion/day. Meanwhile there are over 5 million retail customers with average over 2.5 million transactions/day.


Account Information
Payable Management
Receivable Management
Liquidity Management
Bill Payment & Purchase
Merchant Management
Information Management

Case Study 3

Subsidiary of large regional bank.

The 5th largest domestic Bank with more than 1,100 branches, over 4,000 ATMs and about 50 trade service centers across ASEAN .

Solution :

Corporate Internet
Banking Financial
Supply Chain Trade Finance

Today the Bank has more than 30,000 corporate customers and has the most complete wide range wholesale banking for Cash Management Services, Trade Finance and Financial Supply Chain.


Account Statement
Post Dated Cheque trx
Cross Currency
Trx Liquidity Management
Payable Management Remittance
Bills Payment

Bulk Payment Payroll
Multi Debit
Financial Supply Chain
Trade Finance Module
Tax Payment

Case Study 4

Large State Owned Bank

The 3rd  largest  state owned Bank in the country with assets over USD 333,3 billion and supported by 450 branches and 10,000 ATM machines

Solution :

The Bank has implemented a cash management solution since 2010 and has become the 2nd largest corporate banking provider and boasts a wide variety of large corporate institutions such as Multinational Oil & Gas Company that have become their customers. They have a wide offer of cash management offerings focused on sophisticated Liquidity Management and Tax Payment.


Account Information
Transfer Management
Remittance / International
Mass Payment
Tax Payment
Collection Management
Liquidity Management
Information  Management

Case Study 5

Subsidiary of Super Regional Bank

The Bank provides customers with over 40,000 ATM and more than 30 branches in 11 cities

Solution :

Implemented a retail internet banking solution since 2011 with a full-fledged banking suite that has a Total Revenue exceeding AUD 84 million and now has become the most comprehensive solution for supporting retail banking business in the country


Online Registration
Accounts Management
Transfer Management
Payment Management
Cheque Book Request
Credit Limit Increase
Installment Conversion
Reward Point Redemption
Forex Rate and Interest Rate
Payment Reminder
Help Desk