"Versatile and Powerful Middleware"

Prime integration tool for financial institutions of all size with a lean SOA based architecture that is specifically targetting financial transaction processing for optimized performance and fast implementation. The Prisma Gateway has an extensive track record for flawless integration to a large number of core banking solutions.

The multi channel approach, B2B, MFT and B2C e-commerce extensions and easily to use drag-and-drop functionalities where needed, make the Prisma Gateway a powerful and indispensable tool.

The Prisma Gateway is an easy to use drag-and-drop middleware to be connected directly to the Core Banking or to other existing middleware. Extended scripting management and multichannel oriented it is the universal connector toolkit with a multitude of application possibilities.

The Prisma Gateway is a service integration engine, advanced Service Oriented Architecture SOA and Enterprise Service Bus ESB platform that adapts flexible to dynamics business needs. It provides an easy way to integrate to third party business partner back-end hosts and is designed to speed up time-to-value, to reduce the costs of IT initiatives and to future-proof businesses.

It is founded on a standards-based, "build to integrate" approach that enables any enterprise to rapidly develop, deploy and integrate new business processes, streamline complex business processes, and connect with business partners.

The Prisma Gateway is a single solution delivering an application server, application integration, business process management, and as a payment gateway with host-to-host B2B, MFT and B2C e-commerce integration functionality. It builds and extends enterprise-class services-including Web and legacy services-by integrating applications, processes and business users. It delivers a comprehensive, stand-alone solutions for application integration and for enterprise integration for SOA, service enables legacy and packaged application as well as complex, high performance processes that require fine-grained control.

Notification Services and Alert


Online Test Service
Enables created service or event to be tested before the business process goes live. All of input and output variables, even error message also can be shown.

Grouping for complex services
Provides capability to group services into sub services or sub process and allow creating a chain of process that can be used to call another business process by active business process.

Event Interface
Provides a proactive service that we call Event, which may trigger to system to execute another services to perform the job. The Event can be set to execute a process periodically like a scheduler.

Monitoring feature is used to monitor performance of business process activity, even in each of business process transition.

Monitoring through SNMP Manager
Allows the system to monitor those link or service and send the status and alert to the SNMP manager console such as HP Open View, etc.

Rule-based Engine
Plug-in objects with various matrix-rules and control embedded into the system.

Export/Import Services and Version Control
Allows user to export/import selected or all services to be deployed or as backup.



Platform + Solution

Core Banking System Integration
Extensive experience with core banking integrations such as Altel, Bank Trade, Bank Vision,C ardLink, Cardpac, Eximbill, F&S, Finacle, Fiserv, M&I, Murex. Silverlake, SillverCard, Stratus ON/2, Systematic, Tandem Base24, Temenos, Vision Link and others.

Oracle, PostgreSQL and independent

User Interface
Any current internet browser with Java plugin enabled (JRE Installed)

ISO 20022, FTP, SFTP, TN3270, TN5250, Web Service, SMTP, POP3, IS08583, XML, Fixed Length

Business Rule, BPM

In application layer : any third party hard/soft token-own soft token available