PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wirecard A.G.

The German Wirecard Group is one of the worlds leading independent providers of solutions for electronic payment transactions. Wirecard has more than 14,000 corporate customers worldwide, a banking license in Germany and an FSA license in the UK.

As Principal Member of Visa, MasterCard, lCB, and licensed acquirer of Amex and UnionPay, Wirecard has operations in 69 countries on all 5 continents and boasts a truly global reach.

Thanks to it's focus on Cash Management Systems, Internet and Mobile Banking, PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia rapidly became market leader in Indonesia. Successful deployments in most Indonesian Tier 1 banks, the company did expand on the wings of it's regional clients throughout ASEAN and beyond, with vocation to become the regional innovator and market reference.

Servicing amongst others the financial industry and telco, our home grown and exclusive end-to-end propriety product lines-nourished by numerous implementations and customization-exceed the expectations and risk management charters of tamed domestic and regional Tier 1 banks and meet the highest ASEAN and global regulatory and industry security standards. Dedicated R 8.0 and experienced project management guarantee fast implementation of full vertical integrated, highly modular product offerings that are customized to your specific needs.


Building on the strong Wirecard group and individual PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia accomplishments and partnering with our customers, shareholders and employees, we will be the regional ASEAN and beyonds most trusted Fintech vendor with focus on full vertical integrated Cash Management Internet & Mobile Banking Solutions.


PT Wirecard Technologies Indonesia will be a leading vendor of quality solutions and services consistently delivered to our clients, match their IT and business needs and exceed their rising expectations in an ever changing market.

Supported by leading-edge technology, we will be driven by a commitment to help our clients succeed in their business goals, through a highly motivated team of competent professionals, guided by in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Our clients are never taken for granted or serviced out-of-the-box. Whilst offering a broad spectre of customizable functionality and tools, we strive to be at the forefront of the Fintech internet and mobile banking landscape and give innovative access to new payment channels and technological developments.

Client wealth creation

Through our solutions we strive to enable our clients to become
high performance businesses. We aim to create long-term win-win
relationships by being responsive
and relevant and by consistently
delivering value.


Leadership in our business is defined by courage, personal integrity and by having a vision which inspires others. Our people are motivated and empowered to bring just that in their daily operations and output.

Trust and Partnership

They are the foundation of our
success and stretch beyond the
written words. They build
themselves through common
goals, respect, and fulfillment of our commitments. Our
stakeholders and clients know
that we will go the extra mile in
meeting their needs.


With a Professional Services Team comprising of a few hundred skilled and experienced IT uniquely dedicated to our core business and complemented with relevant industry experts, we not only share experience but also bring the leading practices to each project implementation. It is key to our customers grow their business with state-of-the-art of technology.

Industry Domain Expertise

Industry Expertise

Next to a large pool of prime developers and thanks to the internet and mobile payments focus, we out-perform thanks to our team of industry grown consultants. With a relevant banking expert background of minimum 10 to 20 over years, they help to develop the product features and functionalities and and assist our clients to enrich their business by improving the right business process all the way from the conceptual stages down to the very implementation of the chosen solution. The solution therefore fosters and enhances the business flow rather than asking the business flow to adapt to the solution.


The large variety of Indonesian domestic, international and regional banks with their existing IT-heritage allowed us over the last decade to go through numbers of integration experiences in order to provide connectivity to various backend or host systems, both in financial or telecommunication institutions, such as IBM Mainframes, AS400, Tandem, Stratus, SUN Solaris, HP-UX servers, etc. A large dedicated engineering team, with numerous years of hands-on experience, is able to confidently integrate those legacy system over the traditional SNA environment or the new SOAP WebService connectivity.

Solution for Large Transactions

Originating in the huge domestic Indonesian market (more than 265 million citizens), the track proven technology results in high scalability, even up to millions of users and millions of daily transactions. By adhering to the services oriented architecture SOA and the n-tier client models with a very efficient and robust PrismaTech Framework, our system can be easily sized-up to handle large scale of usage by dynamically allocating new hardware resources to handle higher load whenever needed .

Quick Time to Market

Build on service modularity with reuseable software components and based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), our R&D efforts have been effortlessly implemented in numbers of enterprise clients.

The Solutions have proven to be able to adapt to any dynamic business change where the modularity and drag-and-drop functionality shorten the time-to-market in order to gain a competitive advantage in today's market environment.